martes, 12 de agosto de 2008

Against the Ageless Stones

Let us explode, in this quiet now
And close the gap that arches our soil
With the toil of memory and sacred truth,
Let us build the unfathomed link
To bind the old world, and show
How indifferent was the hiss
That sang those few who walked the shore

Let's lead astray the prowling voice,
And sink our nails into strident noise
May the tilting nerve resist the chord
And gouge our hearts for the good of all

Let our frail arms be a world
And hunt down the ascending moons
That light clear stars from veils in void
And may we never lay in the cozy mourn,
Whose slumbering rule now blinks through blight
And pats in the back the ruse to avoid
Blight’s aching glow

To shovel the pale earth’s loam,
And sow the promise of new names
To call those out…
Nothing more,
Not an inch, not a sound

Hush now...
Let us break
The insolent noise

Hush now, listen…

To the gist of those left lost