viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2007


If only my imagination were green-striped
They wouldn’t chuckle without air.
Thoughts you’d read from louder eyes
Everything they knew we dreamed was theirs.

They gave their bodies in, to the famished crowd,
As a gift to barren shells- so in their sterile beds;
Would stand the inseminated pearl, fostered in their banks
Like seed from boy and egg from girl.

She was sculpted with purple silk from neck to knees
Splattered like a running fountain, glistening like marble teeth.
He wore hyphened shoes, unsettling with their black beaks
Elevated like pompous nostrils, eye-bossing as they pinned,
Beneath the cuddling ground beneath, everyone and everything
With their gurgling tap-dance as hummingbirds aloud.
And famished curves like even lips.

The folk inspects their bodies anew, but…
Between the hushed perplexity and startled gaze,
They conceal a trembling awe; petrified, amazed
So that their heart-learnt decree of love,
Fell apart in standing-grace.

Now hush…
The clotted atmosphere will waft the world
If one lets go a single word.

And bow down at the unsettling truth,
Armed with a meek grin and melting face
That no inner-life could make you glow
Like they did then
Even if the soul could resonate until time’s yawn, all aloud
That no poem could elevate the immobile flesh